Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Road Trip

Last week we drove to Austin to hear my nephew play a cello solo, (it was amazing), we laughed alot, ate too much, played with family (Lizzie came too) ... and, in the blink of an eye ... it was over and time to turn around and drive home ... tired but happy!

This week I have been recovering! The downside of these happy little trips (if there is one) is being away from my studio for too long! With the Cafe Lago exhibit only two months away I am beginning to feel the pressure ... so, I was wide awake and back in the studio at 4:00 am Monday morning trying to get my creative juices flowing again with this little morning sketch!

Now that Friday is here, I am happy to say ... I feel back on track ... the pressure is still there ... but I am making progress again! My current goal is to finish all CL paintings by the time we climb back in the car next month for a return trip to celebrate my nephew's graduation!

Until then ... there is lots to do in the studio!

Hope you have a happy, fun weekend!

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