Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fredericksburg, Texas

Lizzie and I have returned to the Hill Country ... we are sooooo happy!
Our first night home was spent  at Settler's Crossing,  a charming "bed and breakfast" right outside of  Fredericksburg.  As we drove down the lane to our little cottage, there were two adorable donkeys grazing by the road ... throughout our visit ... we could hear the music of their braying across the pasture.   As evening fell, a gentle rain soaked the night air while we slept peacefully in our beds. When morning came,  a rooster crowed, chickens scratched about in the yard and a flock of curious sheep peered out at us from under a tree!  We both stared back in absolute awe!  After everyone wandered away,  Lizzie stepped down from the porch to roll in the grass while I sat on the porch,  in a white wicker chair,  soaking it all into my heart!!  How perfect was that for our first night back in the Hill Country?  Pretty darn perfect!