Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Things that make me smile ..."

Ten years ago I doodled this drawing while my dogs napped peacefully on the floor of my studio! I remember that time with a smile ... it was a very happy morning! Today that drawing hangs on my studio wall ... it is a reminder of things that make me smile ... and one very lovely morning long ago!

"Things that make me smile ... my dogs, my family, my friends, reading...reading... reading, amaryllis, morning glories, Christmas, grasshoppers, blue and white stripes, Richard Giglio, basil, bright green lizards, tangerines, agapanthus, wild English gardens, Pierre Bonnard, nasturtiums, koi, white, Louisiana, ice cold watermelon, rainy days, Sam, kindness, zinnias, picnics, Gloria Vanderbilt, Lizzie, surprises, trees, lilacs, music, croquet, doodling, "Z...z", raspberries, fresh air, mint, Matisse, simplicity, firecrackers, laughing out loud, Rosie, blackbirds, Albert Einstein, kites, thunderstorms, courage, batik, teacups, Italian food, Carl Larson, Beatrix Potter, screened porches, starry nights, The Little White Horse and roses ...

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