Sunday, September 12, 2010

BIG Blue Bear

I have just returned from a quick trip to Denver where I visited with an old friend, cooled off a bit and now am back in West Texas ready to take on the last few weeks of our summer heat! Although it has been almost 30 years since I lived in Denver and 16 years since we last saw each other, Mimi and I laughed and lunched for four days as if time had stood still for us! We spent our days driving all around Denver mourning old favorites long gone and discovering new favorites to celebrate our friendship ... it was heaven!

Denver has always been a beautiful city but I think it is even better today. Public art is everywhere. I took 100's of pictures on this trip, many of the amazing statues that fill the public parks and city streets all over Denver. BIG BLUE BEAR was one of my favorites. When we rounded a corner downtown and I got my first glimpse of this big blue fellow peering into a fourth floor window at the Colorado Convention Center I could hardly wait for Mimi to pull over so I could run back up the street for his picture. He is the perfect memory for a very FUN trip that will keep me smiling for a long, long time! Thanks Mimi!

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